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The SEO coaches are delighted to announce that August’s Member of the Month is Mindy Ford. Mindy has been with SEO for some time now, and her hard work and dedication is clearly paying off in every domain: mental, physical, and beyond!

From the moment she walks in the door—always on time, often even a few minutes early—Mindy is ready to get moving. In fact, the coaches have been very impressed with the way she’s been moving of late: she’s running faster, hustling between the movements in each wod, and always seeking to improve her movement patterns. Her kip looks great, and she’s well on her way to completing high reps of pull-ups without a band. Her hard work on the cues she receives from the coaches is visible in every Oly lift. The hardest lifts looks easy—

and are correctly executed—thanks to Mindy’s attention to them. 



We particularly love the way that Mindy never backs down from a challenge. (Those of you who enjoyed her birthday wod last month—with all those rope climbs—might recognize this about her.) In the beginning, she was terrified of box jumps. Gradually, she worked her way up on increasingly higher plates, building her courage and confidence; now, she runs toward the box in wods. In this mental, as well as physical, achievement, Mindy offers a wonderful proof of CrossFit’s more-than-physical benefits. You can see her getting stronger not just physically, but mentally as well. So too, CrossFit reveals her own integrity: We love the way she never takes short-cuts, or looks for the easy way out. And she inspires those around her to strive harder, by always cheering for her fellow 6 AM-ers. Top it all off with an uncomplaining attitude and a winning smile.

Mindy’s commitment to her fitness and well-being extends beyond the early morning hours when she wods. She makes an extra trip in for Hatha Yoga on Monday nights, and has transformed her diet, adopting the Whole 30 and even advocating for it with her patients. She seems to really have a passion for taking care of her body, inside and outside of the gym, and we just love witnessing her impressive transformation.

Thanks for all your hard word, Mindy. Keep it up!

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