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JUNE 2016


Please join us in congratulating June’s SEO Member of the Month, Jennifer Corrigan! Jenny has been with SEO for a very long with ebbs and flows in her attendance as she is a busy working momma of three adorable kiddos (including twins), but her attendance has been consistent and phenomenal as of late. Jenny gets up extra early to WOD at 5AM while her family sleeps soundly at home. And she works her butt off in the gym. Jenny is able to move and is especially great at running and gymnastics. Jenny has been hesitant with the barbell in the past – putting hardly any weight on the bar. As Jenny’s confidence has grown, she has begun quizzing her coaches on movement patterns, cues and other areas of improvement and improved she has! Jenny continuously analyzes her movement patterns and listens to her body. Because of this, Jenny is able to quickly fix her mechanics and feel the difference in movements and has been increasing her weight! Jenny’s smile lights up the early morning, dewy gym and her encouragement of others is off the charts. She is consistently considerate of other members and always tries to make people feel welcome. Jenny’s husband, Dave (part of the Barn Crowd), is also quite the CrossFitter and we think they make an excellent team! Congratulations, Jenny! We are so proud to have you as June’s Member of the Month!
Written by: Renee Mascari

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