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Geetha Conjeevaram is wonder woman! And, we’re proud to call her August’s CrossFit SEO Member of the Month! While juggling her role as a successful mother and physician, Geetha regularly attends class and brings a readiness to work, a vow to make personal progress and encouragement toward her fellow classmates. She has been training with Maghan to work on her weaknesses and attends yoga and Oly classes, which is impressive considering how busy she is. She walks into the gym with a wonderfully contagious smile and brings such a positive energy when she walks through our doors. She has been improving monumentally on the rig as she’s mastered her kip. Her barbell movements have become more efficient and her numbers are climbing as she realizes and reaches for her potential with her coaches’ encouragement. Geetha brings an “eye of the tiger” look with her intensity during WODs. We’re so lucky to know Geetha. Please join us in congratulating her on SEO’s Member of the Month!
Written by: Renee Mascari

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