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Please join us in congratulating November’s CrossFit SEO Member of the Month, Beau Goodrich! Don’t be fooled by Beau’s happy-go-lucky demeanor. He comes to the gym to work and work hard. In the past, his attendance has been sketchy at best, but over the last year, Beau has been attending regularly in addition to running three successful local business (Donato’s, Cobra Cheer and Athens Inflatables). Though Beau is like family, we chose him for November’s Member of the Month because of his dedication to his performance, the community and his willingness to learn. Beau is willing to modify his WODs to correct movements and checks his ego at the door. He has been working consistently on his mobility and squat and it’s definitely paying off! Beau is aware of his movements and continually seeks advice for improvement. In addition, Beau is a wonderful cheerleader (see what we did there?) during and after WODs to encourage his fellow athletes. We feel very lucky to have Beau in the SEO family. Congratulations, Beau! Keep up the great work!
Written by: Renee Mascari

Past SEO members of the month

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