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The SEO coaches are delighted to announce that the Member of the Month for December is Nickie Webb.

Nickie has been a regular at SEO since our very early days, when she started with her sister Abby, and one reason for her steady improvement is just how “regular” she’s been about her training and attendance since then. She comes almost five days a week, every single week, always walking through the door at the exact same time before the 6am class! This consistency is as admirable as her continual loyalty to SEO, which we so appreciate.


We all know that consistency and regularity are the key to success in any kind of training, and Nickie’s performance at SEO has proven this. At first, she seemed rather quiet—in her workouts and in her interactions with others at the box—but lately she’s been coming out of her shell. We love to see how eager she is to start the wod now after the warmup. You’ll never hear Nickie complain about a movement or a wod she doesn’t like. She tackles every workout with a spirit of readiness.


Over time, we’ve observed a real change in the intensity Nickie brings to the gym. This intensity comes out, in part, in how she moves through the workouts. (She sure has gotten fast!) It also comes out in how she tackles individual movements. Watch out if we have double-unders or deadlifts in a wod, because Nickie excels at them. She’s also come a long way on the rig with her kip, which now lets her connect multiple pull ups and ttb. Her work with the barbell has also been improving—and not by luck. Nickie has attended several of the Oly classes to break down her Olympic technique. As her strength continues to grow and her mobility increases (especially in the overhead position), we’re sure her lifts will just get keep getting stronger.


Finally, we appreciate the way that Nickie’s quiet intensity helps to bring out the best in those around her. It was great fun to watch her participate (and thrive!) in our annual Throwdown this year. And we love witnessing how Nickie and Peggy use each other to push harder and keep going during each day's wod. This is the best way that friendly competition in CrossFit can work: We use our community to make each of us a better version of ourselves. So Nickie’s presence at SEO strengthens not just her, but our whole community. We look forward to seeing the next steps in her continued improvement.


Thanks for a great year SEO! We can't wait to see what you all will accomplish in 2016.


Written by: Kristin LeMay


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