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MariaPaz Hermosilla


From the inception of CrossFit SEO, MariaPaz Hermosilla has been loyal to our gym as one of our founding members. Paz consistently shows up and makes an effort during every workout even when she commuted all of the way to Jackson and back for work every day (even if it meant she was flying in the parking lot at the last minute, kicking up every last piece of dirt on the ground outside). On some days, it seems Paz lives at SEO as she participates regularly in groups WODs, yoga, gymnastics and Oly classes. Paz’s hard work is apparent as her lifts have gotten stronger, her body more flexible and her intensity continues to increase each day. Not only has Paz been an integral member of our SEO community, she has also graciously volunteered her time for the CrossFit SEO Throwdowns taking tremendous pictures, re-vamping our website and taking the time to work on graphics for our social media platforms. Paz is an invaluable member of our community and we are so glad for her smile, honesty and constant vigilance in the gym. We think Paz might love CrossFit as much as she loves her pup, Snoopy! Please join us in congratulating MariaPaz Hermosilla as our February CrossFit SEO Member of the Month!

Written by Renee Mascari

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