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Allen Tripp


We are very happy to announce our first 2016 member of the month is Allen Tripp! He is the epitome of vigilant! He has had a couple setbacks in the last year having two surgeries though Allen has persevered by LISTENING to his body and his physician (big shout out to Sergio) which is ever so important in CrossFit. Allen has shed weight on his barbell to work on barbell path improvements and has been consistently attending regular class along with gymnastics, Oly class and even yoga (yes, you read that right, yoga!). We know coming back from injures can be extremely difficult but it is so nice to see Allen's ability to now hang from the rig comfortably, string toes-to-bar, improvements to bar paths in all of his lifts (have you seen his front rack transformation!?), develop his kip and greatly advance his ability to kick up into a handstand. It has been a pleasure working with Allen and seeing incredible transformation in his workouts, his attitude and how he attacks CrossFit. We are so proud and encouraged by his motivation – for himself and his encouragement of other SEO members. Please join us in congratulating Allen on his January 2016 CrossFit SEO Member of the Month!  
Written by: Renee Mascari

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