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Please join us in congratulating January’s CrossFit SEO Member of the Month Sean Hogan! Sean started in our community a few years ago and couldn’t do much more than curl a bar (#curlsforthegirls). In fact, he begged Jolene to program dumbbell curls for quite some time. With a lot of hard work, Sean is now able to squat, understands bar path movements and gets on the rig and hammers out gymnastic movements. You’ll often hear him say, “Holy smokes!” when referring to a difficult WOD, but that never deters him from the friendly competition and completing a WOD to the best of his ability. Sean is one of our most outgoing members and he shows up to work (dress socks and all), even if his warm-up is lacking. Sean makes our community better and we’re just as lucky as the OU Hockey team to have him. Congratulations, Sean!
Written by: Renee Mascari

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