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JULY 2016


Please join us in congratulating July’s CrossFit SEO Member of the Month, Caleb Couture! They say early bird gets the worm and Caleb definitely proves that by consistently showing up at 5am to WOD with the other early morning members and his wife, Maggie. Caleb has been frequenting Open Gym to work on the skills he loves and working on skills he wishes to master. Caleb is speedy and likes to move fast. He even jogs to his bar between movements! Caleb has become efficient and much better on the rig, no small feat for those of us without formal gymnastics training. You will rarely hear complaints from Caleb, and he will tackle any task written on the board. We’re proud to have Caleb and Maggie as members of our community! Congratulations, Caleb and keep up the great work!
Written by: Renee Mascari

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