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And Lucy sure does move fast now! She’s shown marked improvement in her met-con movements, like running and rowing, as well as being able to move her body more efficiently in gymnastic movements. Like many of us, Lucy started out on the rig with a big band (you may even have seen her using several bands for some wods). Since then, she’s come a long way: She can now do a pull-up without a band, and her kip is looking great.

One smart place where Lucy has not moved too fast? Uploading her barbell. From the start, she’s been more concerned with her body positioning than how much weight is on the bar. By being willing to wait to increase weight, Lucy has gotten the movement patterns right. As a result, she’s now stronger in all her lifts. In truth, by this deliberate and measured approach, Lucy has shown a constant climb in all aspects of the sport. We feel confident that, with such a good foundation, she will continue to see marked improvement.

Of course, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Lucy has proven so body-aware and driven, given that she’s a doctor (and a mother of two!). Yet even still, it’s impressive how she makes her training at SEO a priority, even when she is quite busy. You’ll find her working out with her phone nearby when she’s on call, and somedays she even comes to the 5 am just after getting off work! With this kind of dedication, it’s also not too surprising that she’s recently convinced her husband Brian to join SEO. (Hint to Brian: If you approach CrossFit like Lucy did, we think you’ll go far!)


Written by: Kristin LeMay



The SEO members have spoken, and we’re happy to announce that Lucy Bucher has been voted June’s Member of the Month. While Lucy is officially a “Princess’s Pick” —through the impromptu voting system initiated by Lisa Simons (aka “the Princess”) this last week — the members and coaches are very much on the same page: Lucy’s name has come up, month after month, as a possible coaches' choice! We’re so glad she’s the June winner. Lucy first came into CrossFit with something of a timid manner, not quite sure of what to make of the sport. In the beginning, Lucy was often one of the slower athletes to finish— a fact which did not bother her at all. Instead of getting frustrated, she remained patient and receptive to coaching. This fantastic attitude, along with her growing commitment, has helped Lucy become stronger, both physically and mentally. It wasn’t long before we began to see a whole new Lucy—one with the “eye of the tiger” before each wod. And during wods now, you’ll find her eyes on the clock as she strives to improve her performance day to day, whether that means putting more weight on the bar or taking weight off so that she can move faster.


JUNE 2015
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