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MARCH 2016

Tommy Raimondi


Please join us in congratulating, Mr. Tommy Raimondi as March’s CrossFit SEO Member of the Month! While we think Tommy is an amazing athlete, let’s start with his infectious personality! From our humble beginnings on Columbus Road, Tommy has been with us – smiling, encouraging, loving, sharing, giving and well - just being Tommy. His infectious personality is such a valuable asset to our gym – whether he’s smiling through a horrendous WOD or dancing before the clock ticks 3…2…1…go! Tommy gives 110% during his workouts and has made outstanding strides in improving his Oly Lifts, becoming more efficient in his movements and being a beast on the pull-up bar. We remember a time, not so long ago, when Tommy was using bands during his pull-ups and now, he’s rocking C2B! Did you see him during 16.1?!? He’s consistent on his rowing and is amazing at double-unders. Tommy’s attitude and committment to life and fitness is one that never concedes to failure. And who knows, Tommy might invite you to coffee and you’ll be featured on his infamous ‪#‎CoffeeWednesday‬ social media feed. We are so incredibly proud of you, Tommy! Keep up the amazing work!
Written by: Renee Mascari

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